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Designs available for Table& Desk glassware, pewter and flasks

1361 Hilton of Cadbol

1603 Seal




1859 Irish Dancer

1891 Birds of the Gael

1892 Donore

1984 Blue Heron

2061 Seahorse

947 Lest We Forget

1624 Remembering

2044 Fallen Comrades














The above designs are the popular pewter patterns for perfect presents.

There are smaller versions of most of these designs for key tags, shot glasses, etc.
A note on our suncatchers is that they combine the uniqueness of real stained glass and a pewter design applied with a lasting and durable adhesive.
Suncatchers are available in a wide range of colours: dark to light blue, dark to light greens, sunset colours in red through orange, rose, golds, amethyst, purple, clear textured and frosted, greys, pinks, aqua and white. If you have no particular colour preferences in yourorder, you may indicate "Best

Colours"and we will match the best colours for your choice of designs. We have selected a few of our most popular patterns based on "Best Sellers" from our sales records over the last 20 years for all of our decorative and tableware items, however, many of our designs for jewellery and ornaments can also be used on these delightful and desirable items.
Corporate or Custom designing is also available for use on these items. Please ask for further information.

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