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All available for wholesale orders, enquire for pricing.

LArge Brooch

Medium Brooch
2 1/2 to 3"

Extra LArge Brooch

Large Brooch
3" and up

Small Shawl Fasteners

Small Shawl Fasteners
1 1/2 x 2"

Medium Shawl Fastener

Medium Shawl Fasteners
2 x 3"

Extra-Large Shawl Fastener

Large Shawl Fasteners
3" and up"


Puddles Style Necklace

Puddles Necklace
Small, Medium Shown, Large


About Watercast Pewter Jewellery

  • Each piece of water cast jewellery is unique as no moulds are used in the process.
  • The images presented on these pages provide a representation of the shapes acheivable with some regularity in the watercasting process.
  • Pewter is poured directly into water. The water temperature, water depth, the amount of pewter poured, temperature of the pewter, and direction of the pour, are the only controlling factors in producing the jewellery.
  • With water casting, there is a high failure rate, as many pours do not produce stable or suitable shapes.
  • Many pieces have bubbles on the surface or holes where the steam from the water escaped the metal, this is a normal part of the structure.
  • Each piece is cleaned, filed, polished, checked for integrity (multiple times) and hand finished. Findins are nickel-free and earwires are hypo-allergenic. Collars and Necklaces are now finished with our own pewter toggles and our AP logo tag.
  • With an Atlantic Pewter Water Dropped Casting, you own a true one of a kind original piece of wearable art.
  • Due to the complexity of the creation and finishing of watercast pieces and our commitment to top quality service, we may have to limit orders on neckpieces or cuffs to 12 pieces per shipment. We are able to take consecutive orders on these items, i.e. 12 pieces to ship ASAP and sebsequent orders to be shipped at later dates.

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